Leveraging Connected Vehicle Data
to Fully Realize Transportation
Safety and Efficiency
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Advanced machine learning applied to connected vehicle data
powering the transportation transformation
Using real-time vehicle data to understand transportation risk
and build mitigation solutions.

Implementing complete machine learning architecture for maximum performance and accuracy.

Road Safety

Sophisticated algorithms to detect emergent road safety issues.


Providing a secure environment for implementing edge (vehicle) predictive systems.

Introducing Galileo
Comprehensive Transport Data
  • Architected for machine learning & real-time usage
  • Global, highly accurate map
  • Road attribution – signage, lanes, parking, intersections
  • Weather data
  • Road conditions
  • Road sensors
  • Traffic control sensors
  • Connected vehicle data
Data Management Features
  • Training data creation and management
  • Real-time high scale ingest
  • Anomaly / error detection / handling
  • Standardization – ingesting data from multiple vendors / services / versions
  • Historical archive
  • Real-time machine learning / model creation
  • Geo-sharding of models for edge computing
  • Encrypted and hardened central data center
  • Blockchain based system for publishing data back to transport systems – encrypted and authenticated data stream that can’t be hacked